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inspire, verb

Pronunciation: /ɪnˈspʌɪə/

  • Definition: To infuse (something) into the mind; to kindle, arouse, awaken in the mind or heart (a feeling, idea, impulse, purpose, etc.).
  • Origin: From Latin inspirare, to blow or breathe into.

— Oxford English Dictionary

While there is no shortage of opinions on political events today, most of the commentary surrounding current affairs tends to be overtly negative, leading people to feel uninspired when they reflect on the state of the world. Apart from the stress this causes us as individuals, an excessive emphasis on negativity can fuel and perpetuate broader cycles of anxiety, fear and conflict, lowering our capacity to bring about positive shifts in the world.

Inspired Politics was created to fill a much needed gap in the analysis of global issues. We aim to elevate perceptions of our planet by bringing greater awareness to political issues while also providing an alternative perspective on how these issues are understood. By observing political events through a more inspired lens, our intention is to galvanize the transformative potential of our world and the people that live within it.

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